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In order to reach a fare regulation of such device, it is needed to distinguish them, provided that there are not some technical features which make them different according to their finalities. In such direction moved also the same legislator who, according to the dispositions contained into rule 2009/136/CE, has brought the obligation to acknowledge the prior approval and to inform the users about the cookies installed for scopes different from the technical one (cfr. Art.1, paragraph 5, lett. a), Law dated 28th May 2012, nr. 69 which amended the article 122 of the Code).

To the scope of the present action provided, there are two macro-categories: “technical” cookie and “tracking” cookie.

a. Technical Cookies

Technical cookies are those used only for transmitting an electronic communication network, or in the measure needed from the supplier, for an information company service requested by the user” (C.Code Art. 122, par. 1). They are not used for further scopes and they are usually installed by the website manager. They can be divided into navigation cookie and session cookie, which guarantee the standard website browsing (allowing, for example, to purchase or authenticate themselves to reserved areas); analytics cookie, related to technical cookies when used directly by the website manager in order to collect information, in aggregated form, about visitors number and about their way to visit the website; cookies of functionality which allow to the user to browse in function of a selected series of criteria (i.e. language, selected items to be purchased) in order to improve the website service.

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This website uses Cookies in order to remember stateful information about user and to fulfil other activities needed to functioning of the same, as for example the traffic distribution .

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Are there products that I can match with the same colour of the sink?
In our product range there are mixers, ovens and cooking top with the same finish of the sink.

How can I mill your sink?
Our sinks can be pierced with a milling cutter 35 mm diameter.

How many years your sinks are guaranteed?
Our sinks manufactured with Granitek, Metaltek and Vitrotek materials are guaranteed for 10 years, as for Sintek material are provided 6 years guarantee.

What is the  S.I.R.?
Innovative and patented Compact Draining System that allows the maximum optimization of the space underneath the electrosink, thanks to the limited 5 cm encumbrance. Better spaces exploitation and optimization under the electro sink. More bowl space available thanks to the particular lateral position of the SIR grid, which completely replaces the traditional and less functional waste.

How can I clean the S.I.R.?
Minimal composition, one element easy to clean. Thanks to a practical frontal panel it is possible to collect residual accidentally deposited within the SIR grid and make an extremely easy and precise periodical cleaning of the waste.

Can work without electricity the electronic S.I.R.?
Yes, the S.I.R. is equipped with a lithium backup battery with an autonomy of 48 hours, which allows the use even in the absence of electricity.

What is the difference between traditional draining system and compact draining system?
The S.I.R. optimizing the space below the sink: around 5 cm.

The lack of overflow hole could be a problem in case the water is flowing?
No, it is not a problem since S.I.R. is equipped by an internal overflow system which allows to let flow the exceeding water, faster than the traditional overflow system.

How can I clean the H.S.B.?
Just pick up the plate to do the cleaning. The spacers facilitate the placement of the plate on the sink keeping it blocked into its position. In order to clean it, the removal is extremely simple and fast.

H.S.B. have a heat limit?
No, there is no limit to the heat.



How many years your mixers are guaranteed?
Mixers are guaranteed for 5 years.


Cooking Top / Ovens

In which material are Tekno and Modern ovens and cooking tops manufactured ?
These products are realized in tempered glass.

How many years your ovens and cooking tops are guaranteed?
Cooking tops and ovens are guaranteed for 2 years.


Any other cases

Do you sell directly to the public?
We do not sell direcltly to public, but a list of our authorized distributors is available on our website.

There are specific products for cleaning sinks made ​​of composite material?
Elleci also creating a specific and effective detergents for the cleaning and treatment of our products, please visit Elleci beauty spa section.

What is the Vitrotek 3G?
Vitrotek 3G is an exclusive material composed by resin and pure glass particles. As known, the glass has specific qualities that make it an ideal element for many uses, especially in the kitchen environment. Equally hygienic are its properties. It is completely anallergic and antibacterial, resistant, hygienic, antistatic and stable in colour.

Why Vitrotek 3G is antibacterial 100%?
100% pure glass microspheres. 100% antibacterial protection. Hydrophobic: it repulses water. Lipophobic: it repulses greases. Compact: extremely smooth and hard surface. Improved resistance to thermal shocks. Doubled flow of liquids.

Also Granitek and Metaltek are antibacterial?
Yes, the material has an antibacterial protection, which has an adequate antibacterial coverage of the mass. In this way the bacterial organisms are repelled. The mass is in fact enriched with silver ions that inhibit the establishment and growth of bacteria.

The Elleci products are 100% made in Italy?
Yes, Elleci have the 100% Made in Italy Certification, This certificate states that Elleci composite sinks are:
• manufactured in Italy;
• performed with Italian semi-finished products;
• realized with high quality and first choice natural materials;
• realized with Elleci exclusive design and planning;
• realized adopting typically Italian craft made working and traditional processes.

On which products your customer assistance is valid?
Elleci customer service is valid on all cooking tops and ovens present in the catalogue. The assistance for sinks and mixers is managed directly by Elleci. See the page call center.



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